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Spontaneous Transformation 

This life-changing free video healing session releases held trauma and realigns internal energy flow transforming pain and suffering to wellness, prosperity and safety.
 Applied to hundreds of thousands of lives for more than two decades, The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) has directly addressed, healed and unwound abuse, abandonment, physical disease, anger, fear, stress, grief, overwhelm and more...
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Live In-Person At MY HOUSE May 20 - 21 (Or Livestream to your house)
If you are LOVING the STT Training Course and want to start generating an income from this powerful healing modality, this is your chance to...

Become a CERTIFIED Spontaneous Transformation Practitioner and earn $80 - $150 an hour!
If you are already a healer, this is your chance to become a REFERRAL MACHINE!
The Level 1 Classes have started...
The first few classes are waiting for you and the Livestream (or join me at my house) starts May 20 & 21! So hurry.
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