Get ready for profound core quantum transformation accessing your hidden beliefs & issues, establishing NEW NEURAL PATHWAYS & creating permanent change...
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Deep Spontaneous Transformation Healing
Discover WHY You're Stuck, or Ill, or in Lack
Permanently Heal the deep core issues
We are going to Shift Your "WHY...."
Why am I stuck? Why is it STILL not happening? Why am I sick and can't seem to heal? Why is financial lack still here?
  • A Library of Profound Healing: You are about to dive deep into your unconscious to heal the core issues keeping you stuck... and discover  and transform the REAL REASONS why.
  • Instant Transformation: create a practice to experience the proven healing accelerant that is The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT). For years, it has  been used over and over to change hundreds of thousands.
  • Neural Science Proven: Neural science research has repeatedly proven that doing something for 3 weeks or more breaks habits for good and creates REAL CHANGE.
Each of the 21 Days Sessions of this Online Intensive are Waiting for you Just as Soon As Your Enroll...


Deep profound healing and transformation!
  From the core of my being I feel so much gratitude for this deep and profound transformation I have experienced doing this STT healing program. From the first day, not knowing if this could work, then slowly building up to a point where I had some huge breakthroughs and a huge epiphany! This epiphany caused deep, deep emotions of happiness, gratitude, freedom, relief and deep profound joy! By experiencing STT I now know how to release and heal the negatives thoughts that have plagued me most of my life! Thank you!"

~ Linda
You, Me & All Are at a Tipping Point...
We are living in a unique tipping point time in human evolution, and a system of healing acceleration is needed.

This revolutionary healing stimulant and system, The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT), came through me for you at this powerful moment on this planet.

STT is here to take you quickly to the next state of being.

Its purpose is to fundamentally heal and shift the deep unconscious core material you may still be dragging around from the long ago past.

Over the years, I have honed this system down to a set of easy-to-use steps that only take about short amount of time to do.

Time and time again, it has been proven to work on the tens of thousands who have experienced this special system of transformation.

What is so amazing is that it genuinely creates "Spontaneous Transformation."
First Time EVER... I Worked With REAL Clients
Yep, for the first time EVER, for each of the 21 Days you are about to experience  real sessions with a REAL people.

AND you can follow along with YOUR OWN healing!

They received AND you can receive that same healing EVEN MORE, as you witness the avoidance and coping mechanisms and see so clearly your own process.

It is really quite a miraculous experience, that you can do the sessions... and not feel alone in your feelings and coping mechanisms, and you also experience their mind's tricks that mirror your own. It's pretty cool.

Remember, this process of doing a session on a real subject gives YOU much deeper support. 

And working with real people allows your mind to feel the kinship (and thus opening) to create a very powerful release, healing and clearing over and over.

Plus you'll not only witness the new neural pathways being created you will feel them yourself! You will start seeing the world in whole new ways, see the resources and support start to effortlessly show up for you.

OMG I’m so excited that this totally new approach works so profoundly to support all. 

And as you experience your own guided healing as I work with these individuals (and YOU) each day for 30 - 40 minutes each day will create an even more accelerated and expanded healing.

The power of the individual within group setting ALSO ensures that all boats are raised together as we ignite each other to heal and change more rapidly.

The more participating together the more accelerated the gentle expansion.

I'm super excited for you to experience this.
Here's What Participants Have Experienced During This Special STT Healing Program...
"Dear Jennifer, I am grateful for this program you are sharing. It is difficult to give words to what it is bringing me, for the changes are subtle and clear at the same time. It feels like a deep inner cleaning process and after every day more clarity arises. Thank you so much for this big gift. I love you." 
~ Els
"I have made so much progress with Jennifer's programs. Jennifer supports you on your own journey, and the shifts are real though subtle, and you realize one day, that you are thinking differently and that old patterns are shifting. Jennifer also explains the mechanics behind it, so that your brain can understand that you are not leaving it behind, but bringing it on board with your heart. Amazing work!!"

~ Mary Ann Joy
"This program has brought healing to a new level. Working daily with STT in such a real way, is ground breaking territory. Old patterns have been shifting and new ways of thinking and behaving are happening. Shifts are subtle but so powerful. What I like too is Jennifer does not make your mind "wrong". Just opens your mind up to new possibilities of looking at things. This has helped shift my relationships at home and with co-workers and my relationship to myself. Amazing and powerful work!"

~ Mary Ann
"This program moves you rather quickly out of pain and into the vista of vision. This program cannot be explained…it can only be experienced. 
If you truly want to “unlearn your past” and move into the present, then this program is for you. It is like no other program I have experienced with results appearing so quickly. All you have to do is show up and keep allowing space for the changes to reveal themselves."
~  Mandi
"The remaining vibrations of fear, anger & resentment, that I had been unaware I was still carrying, have been transformed! It feels quite literally like a transmutation from the lead ore of the old vibration of me, to a liquid gold... one that flows.. And could even transmute alchemically to almost any magical substance it needed to! I'm no longer afraid of losing the healings I've obtained, because I'm no longer unknowingly carrying that undertone of resentment and dread!"
~ Anna
Neural Science has proven that 21 Days Creates Permanent Change
From The Desk Of Jennifer McLean:
My multi-week daily healing programs are not only my most popular, but proven to create real and permanent shifts.

Plus, Neural scientists have established over and over that you can create real change in your life when you do something each day for 21 days or more.

And now, for the first time EVER, I am delivering a rare and unique 21-Day program that goes straight to the deepest core of what has been ongoing patterns, issues, and challenges in your life.

This unique program is made up of 35 - 40 minutes a day for 21 days of undergoing the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) with me.

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Deep & Profound Quantum STT Core Healing
Your Library of 21 STT Sessions Will Support Your In Healing the Following...
  • ​Day 1: Reclaiming Your Personal Power In Relationships
  • ​Day 2: Managing Moments of Reaction & Upset Into Happiness
  • ​Day 3: Healing Into Being Engaged In Life
  • ​Day 4: Health & Vitality in the Physical Body
  • ​Day 5: Healing Love Lost - Finding Love's Power
  • ​Day 6: Being Able to Step Forward / Being Seen
  • ​Day 7: Healing Your Relationships
  • ​Day 8: Overcoming "Life Is Hard"
  • ​Day 9: Abandonment Healed / Relationships Restored
  • ​Day 10: Observer Vs Mind - Healing The Extreme + Health / Immune System
  • ​Day 11: Standing In Power In Relationships / I Am Enough
  • ​Day 12: Healing Into Prosperity & FLOW
  • ​Day 13: Your Gifts Awakened in Prosperity
  • ​Day 14: I AM Enough - Healing Shame
  • ​Day 15: Activating Your Divine Pace / Tempo
  • ​Day 16: Healing Into Physical Wholeness - A Transformation of Cancer
  • ​Day 17: Ho'oponopono: Relationship Self Healing
  • ​Day 18: From Stuck, "Plateaued" & Dimmed... to I AM LIGHT 
  • ​Day 19: "They Have More Authority Over My Life..." Now Claiming "I AM Authority"
  • ​Day 20: MONEY... Claiming Your Abundance Frequency
  • ​Day 21: FREEDOM - Breaking The Chains
Are you starting to see the possibilities of healing here for you?
Now, The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) is my proprietary system of healing that I created to help myself.

From a devastating childhood, I spent my late teens really confused in the world, hurt and not having any kind of solid ground to stand on regarding what love was, what self-care was... heck, even what morality was.

I spent years exploring dozens of different ways to heal.

My 28th birthday was spent face down in a bathtub wearing snorkel gear, doing what was called a "re-birthing breath."

I explored Shamanism, crystals, tarot.

I read all the woo woo books; Shirley Maclaine's book, "Out On A Limb," took me on a weird and wonderful existential ride.

Then I  took 5 years out to train as a healer.  I trained in Polarity therapy, Cranial Sacral therapy and got initiated into Reiki.

Yet I still reacted to life.

Most things people did and said I took personally. 

I felt constantly victimized by my circumstances no matter what I tried.

While the healing work was profound, even that didn't seem to get to "the why" I couldn't change my life, my health, my finances.

So my soul took me on some amazing adventures and each life experience brought me more and more to myself.

I was able to use the foundational healing insights I learned as I trained in these multiple disciplines to create something that was uniquely able to help heal my deepest core traumas.

I slowly but surely used this new system of healing on myself virtually every day.

I was able to identify the core beliefs, the repressed emotions, the actual reasons WHY I was still sick, tired, and frustrated.

And my life changed.

I moved from angry, lashing out, and protection, into more and more calm, peace, and grace.

I had so many physical upsets and, one by one, they have shifted.

I overcame several adrenal exhaustions.

I overcame cancer.

I overcame ADHD.

I was able to have the space and capacity to start my own company and move into true financial prosperity.

I now have a capacity for so much more compassion, and my relationships are open, loving, supportive and honorable.

My life is just plain better.

But, more importantly, I now have a tool I use to support me, to shift or expand the perspective, to heal the core and understand "the why" no matter what shows up.

And this healing tool provides the confidence that allows me to feel safe in a world that can sometimes feel off kilter.
It Has Become My Life's Work To Help You Feel Safe & Whole Too...
Sometimes I wonder why I had the childhood I had.

I think it is in part to support as many as I can with The Spontaneous Transformation Technique, which was created from the healing I sought. 

My life's process helped me to discover true healing not just for myself but for all.

Maybe it was to learn and share that there is a REALLY GOOD REASON WHY life is the way it is for me and you.

STT has a remarkable extra benefit of revealing the real reasons behind your behavior.

You know the ways you act that have you scratching your head saying, "why on earth did I do that?!?" 

Well, STT not only shows you why you reacted those ways, but how to finally stop that reaction and move into a completely renewed vibration,  a new state of mind.

And this new state creates a capacity to create your life from a completely healed place, which, in turn, establishes real solutions as well as new ways of doing and seeing what is.

Grace, love, compassion suddenly are part of your daily experience.

You move from need, "have to," and bracing against life into grace, flow, confidence and trust.

This is your chance to play for 21 days in this deep healing to create real, genuine change, shifting your core issues, the ones that, prior to this moment, were beyond your conscious understanding.

Get ready to truly unwind these core beliefs and patterns and fundamentally and profoundly heal.
The Spontaneous Transformation Self Healing Program:
Start Here & Heal Yourself And Family
Retail $297
What's uniquely different and special about this program and system of healing is...

It goes right to the core of your issue, deep in your subconscious, and, in just 7 - 15 minutes, FINALLY releases what has been holding you back for years and even decades.

For years, I circled around the same pattern of ill health, constant struggle, and upsetting emotions. I witnessed clients doing the same thing.

You know... that same type of dysfunctional relationship showing up over and over; new person, same old pattern, right?

Or the recurring ill health, maybe in new forms?

Perhaps battling with lack and constant financial upset?

This all changed when I discovered The Spontaneous Healing Technique.

I was absolutely amazed.

Instant, real, and lasting change occurred every single time.

So this is your chance to:
  • ​Help yourself (and your loved ones) genuinely heal more quickly, and positively influence challenging circumstances.
  •  ACCELERATE and create PERMANENT healing and transformation using this profound (yet simple) method.
  •  In 7 - 15 minutes a session, you'll be learning and experiencing spontaneous healings that'll save you years and thousands of dollars and make everything else you use work better!
  •  Dive deeply into the healing process and learn the REAL reasons for your challenges. (This has never been revealed outside of this course.)
  •  Receive a special "STT Attunement" that, like a Reiki Attunement, activates and awakens your dormant inner healer.
  •  Activate the ancient healing traditions of this system as you integrate modern neural sciences to create real healing.
The Spontaneous Transformation Certified Practitioner Program:
NEXT: Be Certified & Earn Income in Just 30 Days
Retail $997
There is a profound healing power and set of refined frequencies found within the Spontaneous Transformation Technique.

These frequencies and the technique itself are here for you to advance your personal healing.

AND, through this course, you will be able to contribute to the healing of others through a profitable, "for-good" healing business.

Every time you apply this technique, true change in yourself is imminent. And now deep transformation for your clients AND the Planet is also inevitable.

This is your chance to become a Certified Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) Practitioner!

But it's only available for a very limited time at this very reduced price point.

This Level 1 Certification Course will allow those of you to take the Spontaneous Transformation Self Healing Program deeper to experience more meaningful, comprehensive training.

This enables you to take this proven modality into a therapeutic setting and support your clients.

AND the advanced training will deliver SIX more advanced STT Attunement Frequencies.

This STT Certified Practitioner Course is here for you...

  • ​ If you're wanting to earn a solid income as an STT Practitioner & Healer 
  •  If you've been seeking a deeper philosophy, instruction and insight on this remarkably life-changing system that ignites even more confidence in your healing abilities.
  •   If you want advanced insights about healing and quantum healing frequencies which attract more in your life... and more clients!
  •  If you are ready to receive the ADDITIONAL SIX STT Attunements to expand and accelerate your inner healer AND be supported in guiding clients.
Don't Just Take My Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About The Spontaneous Transformation Technique!
"I have been a certified STT practitioner for a couple of years now and have experienced AMAZING results with my clients and with myself. Jennifer's STT is always evolving UPWARDS and once again I experienced DEEPER healings than I ever have. I want to say THANK YOU, JENN, for giving of yourself so that this can and does happen. It gets better ALL THE TIME!"
~ Kate Quimby
"I have told many people over the last several years about your STT training and how helpful it has been for me. Thank you, Jenn. Really appreciate your hard work. Tremendously,"
~ Dee
“I love your way of helping people transform anger, sadness, pain and disease into true freedom and lasting magnificence. The Spontaneous Transformation sessions truly helped me on several levels. This wonderful technique, along with your spiritual sensitivity just amazes me. It was great to hear you pretty much channel one caller's father, as he was truly able to help her let go of her painful emotions about one of her sisters. That hit home with me because my sister and one of my brothers have been at odds with me over some sensitive issues.”
~ Marie
"The more I experience your healing gifts, I'm amazed at your ability to help people heal in order to be more productive and prosperous in their various endeavors. Jennifer, I humbly agree that your Spontaneous Transformation Technique has changed hundreds of thousands of lives over the last two decades, and also demonstrates that you are truly a divine force.”
~ Anne
“I appreciate the wonderful work you are doing. I completely value everything you have put out there. Over the past year, you have helped me immensely on my path, you have inspired me beyond imagination, and your Spontaneous Transformation Technique has empowered me with tremendous strength and helped to assist me in cultivating inner divine guidance. I am forever grateful to you.”
~ Shelly
“I’ve been following you and did your healing exercise just a couple of times. I had a badly burned neck from a microwave accident and had a nasty, brown, weeping wound. Within 12 hours, the next day, my neck was completely… I mean completely healed. Not a sign of any scar... a miracle. I’d shown a friend who had seen the wound only 12 hours before and he was amazed. Thank you so much. Even my doctor was amazed......Truly grateful for your healing. Bless you."
~ Rosemary Saunders (UK)

The Power Of A Home Study Program

Thousands have now taken this program and listened to these recordings.

Each person that listens adds their healing transformational energies to the recordings layering in even more profound energetic frequencies.

So some believe that recorded sessions are EVEN MORE POTENT than the original live sessions!

This contributes to YOUR transformation even more.

So know the power of these recorded sessions to create REAL Transformation as you follow along.

AND as you bring your attention to this phenomenon you will notice the support even more.
YOUR God Antenna...
Did you know that you have a God Antenna?

Yep, you have a DIRECT CONNECTION to source, to your divine essence, to the part of you that lives in the infinite and eternal energies.

Yet a lot of old beliefs, old patterns, old ways for seeing the world as bad, wrong, harmful, etc., are disconnecting you from your most powerful and accurate guidance.

I am confident that over these 21 Days of deep Spontaneous Transformation Technique healing, you are going to not only strengthen that connection...

But establish a whole new way of seeing and being in the world.

You are about to have a renewed confidence in your life and your next steps.
Your Details
Dates:  Starts April 15 and runs through to May 5

Times: 9am Pacific (California) Time

Investment:  $1,100 Yours for only $111

Access:  Join via phone, computer, or web streaming

You Receive: 21 lives audio sessions, 21 Mp3 audio downloads, 21 transcript downloads
Join me, Jennifer McLean, for an online 21-day healing immersion using The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT)
You'll Receive....
Powerful Library of STT Core Healing
  • STT offers Accelerated Healing: Heal more quickly, and positively influence challenging circumstances.
  • Already Recorded Home Study Program: leverage the power of the thousands that have contributed their healing transformational energies on these remarkable recordings. Go at your own pace.
  •  Twenty One 35-40 Minute Daily STT Healing Session: Accelerate the healing as you save years and thousands of dollars to finally move the needle on what you have been seeking through this online already recorded program
  • Access "The Why" You've Been Stuck, Ill or In Lack: Dive deeply into the healing process and learn the REAL reasons for your challenges.
  • You Will Go on Your OWN Healing Journey: Each day will be guided by you and this remarkable community of participants.  I promise you'll receive support and healing for your issues and challenges.
  • Neural Pathway Changes: Neural science has proven definitively that 21 days creates real and permanent changes. So, by the end of the month, you will be living a new life!
  • FIRST TIME EVER OFFERED: I'm offering Daily Spontaneous Transformation Technique healings. Each day, you will access your core issues and fundamentally heal what's been holding you back.
  • Ancient Healing with Modern Science: Activate the ancient healing traditions of this system as you integrate modern neural sciences to create real, lasting healing.
Value: $1,111
Yours For ONLY:

30 Days
Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Checkout Protected

Meet Jessica,
Founder, CEO
  • Keynote Speaker at Funnel Hacking Live, 2018
  • Forbes 40 Under 40 in Business & Marketing, 2018
  • Sold a company I ran for 7 years for $1.5b, 2018
  • Launched The Rocket Accelerator, 2017
  • Joined Russell Brunson's Inner Circle, 2017
  • Selected for the ClickFunnel's Design-A-Thon, 2017 
This is Your Healing moment.
These 21 days of healing incorporate my Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT), which is rapidly sweeping the globe and being shared through our hundreds of certified practitioners.

STT is a gentle, profound and potent system of healing that allows each individual to have their own personal experience of healing.

The STT energy alone is a foundation upon which you heal and change.

In fact, just by reading these words, the STT frequency is initiating the healing singularity.

Together, we build upon the STT healing from the previous day to create potently new, habit-changing paradigms of healing that allow you to claim your renewed health, wealth and wholeness day by day.

By committing and showing up each day, you are starting an evolutionary change at the soul level... letting in all that you've been asking for.

So, if you think you "don't have time," consider this: it's only 35 - 40 minutes each day and, in the scope of your life, 21 days is a blink.

This particular blink, however, will be remembered forever as the thing that truly moved you into your power.

AND even if you decide not to do 21 days in a row... it's OK.

You get to access this library of healing at your leisure, being intuitively guided to the exact healing session that will serve you in the moment.

Know that you are also part of a community of like-minded power-souls, ready to access and unwind your light together.

This soul group is contributing to the opening of an evolutionary quantum field healing... into a new habit of love, health, wholeness and compassion.

You are part of this community and contribution (you will see what I mean when you start to experience the guided healings).

Imagine who you will be after just one or two sessions.

Imagine who you might be after 21 days of our 35 - 40-minutes of STT Healings.
Your Life is About to Change! You Ready?

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