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This is your chance to take a HUGE leap into healing.

For a limited time only you have a chance to leverage the healing momentum you've just achieved.

Yep join me and take your next logical step by learning the powerful STT system of healing... and MAYBE even becoming a practitioner. WOW huh?

Know that I am offering this because I want to invite more individuals into the Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) family to get this powerful and proven system of healing into the world in a bigger way.

Because you have committed so profoundly to your transformation, you are being rewarded  here with this life-changing opportunity.

Take your next step into healing... 

This is your chance to leverage this unique opportunity, to take the Pre-Requisite STT Self Healing Program AND the Certified Practitioner Training at an ALL TIME LOW, ONE-TIME-ONLY significantly discounted bundled price.

This is your chance to bring ongoing and permanent change into your life.
Both The Prerequisite Self Healing Program AND the Certified Practitioner Training BUNDLED TOGETHER at a DISCOUNT
About 20 years ago, I was in dire straights. I was sick a lot. I had chronic bronchitis; I had severe adrenal exhaustion; I even had cancer.

I was also extremely stressed and was in a state of constant reaction...

I took almost everything anyone said or did personally, as I pretzeled myself to be what I thought people wanted.

I was exhausted and... I'd lost total track of who I really was.

But, I was also a healer. And I became a healer to help myself and others.

I had trained for years in multiple disciplines of energy healing and, over and over again, I saw healers creating an environment where their clients were actually re-traumatized.

These well-intended healing sessions were actually exacerbating already challenging circumstances and health situations.

Witnessing this re-created upset in my training and my own personal circumstances made me start thinking.

A lot.

I retreated, I researched, and I even experimented on myself. 
I Heard: "Healer Heal Thyself..."
I became my own patient and I used all my training and research. 

And, over the next 2 years. I discovered a healing system that changed everything for me.

I overcame my cancer, the adrenal exhaustion was gone, and the BEST PART...

My prosperity increased and my general wellbeing and confidence improved dramatically.

Then, I started using this system with my clients... and everything changed for them as well.

I realized I was on to something big here.

Over the years, I have honed this system down to a set of easy-to-use steps that only take about 7 - 15 minutes to do.

Time and time again, it has been proven to work on the tens of thousands who have experienced this special system of transformation.

What is so amazing is that it creates "Spontaneous Transformation..."

So that's what I call it to this day - The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT).
Join me, Jennifer McLean, for an online healing immersion AND Training in The Spontaneous Transformation Technique
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The Spontaneous Transformation Self Healing Program:
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What's uniquely different and special about this program and system of healing is...

It goes right to the core of your issue, deep in your subconscious, and, in just 7 - 15 minutes, FINALLY releases what has been holding you back for years and even decades.

For years, I circled around the same pattern of ill health, constant struggle, and upsetting emotions. I witnessed clients doing the same thing.

You know... that same type of dysfunctional relationship showing up over and over; new person, same old pattern, right?

Or the recurring ill health, maybe in new forms?

Perhaps battling with lack and constant financial upset?

This all changed when I discovered The Spontaneous Healing Technique.

I was absolutely amazed.

Instant, real, and lasting change occurred every single time.

So this is your chance to:
  • ​Help yourself (and your loved ones) genuinely heal more quickly, and positively influence challenging circumstances.
  •  ACCELERATE and create PERMANENT healing and transformation using this profound (yet simple) method.
  •  In 7 - 15 minutes a session, you'll be learning and experiencing spontaneous healings that'll save you years and thousands of dollars and make everything else you use work better!
  •  Dive deeply into the healing process and learn the REAL reasons for your challenges. (This has never been revealed outside of this course.)
  •  Receive a special "STT Attunement" that, like a Reiki Attunement, activates and awakens your dormant inner healer.
  •  Activate the ancient healing traditions of this system as you integrate modern neural sciences to create real healing.
The Spontaneous Transformation Certified Practitioner Program:
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Retail $997
There is a profound healing power and set of refined frequencies found within the Spontaneous Transformation Technique.

These frequencies and the technique itself are here for you to advance your personal healing.

AND, through this course, you will be able to contribute to the healing of others through a profitable, "for-good" healing business.

Every time you apply this technique, true change in yourself is imminent. And now deep transformation for your clients AND the Planet is also inevitable.

This is your chance to become a Certified Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) Practitioner!

But it's only available for a very limited time at this very reduced price point.

This Level 1 Certification Course will allow those of you to take the Spontaneous Transformation Self Healing Program deeper to experience more meaningful, comprehensive training.

This enables you to take this proven modality into a therapeutic setting and support your clients.

AND the advanced training will deliver SIX more advanced STT Attunement Frequencies.

This STT Certified Practitioner Course is here for you...

  • ​ If you're wanting to earn a solid income as an STT Practitioner & Healer 
  •  If you've been seeking a deeper philosophy, instruction and insight on this remarkably life-changing system that ignites even more confidence in your healing abilities.
  •   If you want advanced insights about healing and quantum healing frequencies which attract more in your life... and more clients!
  •  If you are ready to receive the ADDITIONAL SIX STT Attunements to expand and accelerate your inner healer AND be supported in guiding clients.
PLUS... Free Private Healing Session With ME (Jennifer) For Option 2!
When you enroll for the Bundle - Option 2, you will receive a FREE, private, on-the-phone (or Skype) 30-minute turbo healing/ psychic/medium session with ME!!

That is an ADDITIONAL $500 retail value that is yours free when you enroll for the whole discounted package!
Don't Just Take My Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"I have been a certified STT practitioner for a couple of years now and have experienced AMAZING results with my clients and with myself. Jennifer's STT is always evolving UPWARDS and once again I experienced DEEPER healings than I ever have. I want to say THANK YOU, JENN, for giving of yourself so that this can and does happen. It gets better ALL THE TIME!"
~ Kate Quimby
"I have told many people over the last several years about your STT training and how helpful it has been for me. Thank you, Jenn. Really appreciate your hard work. Tremendously,"
~ Dee
“I love your way of helping people transform anger, sadness, pain and disease into true freedom and lasting magnificence. The Spontaneous Transformation sessions truly helped me on several levels. This wonderful technique, along with your spiritual sensitivity just amazes me. It was great to hear you pretty much channel one caller's father, as he was truly able to help her let go of her painful emotions about one of her sisters. That hit home with me because my sister and one of my brothers have been at odds with me over some sensitive issues.”
~ Marie
"The more I experience your healing gifts, I'm amazed at your ability to help people heal in order to be more productive and prosperous in their various endeavors. Jennifer, I humbly agree that your Spontaneous Transformation Technique has changed hundreds of thousands of lives over the last two decades, and also demonstrates that you are truly a divine force.”
~ Anne
“I appreciate the wonderful work you are doing. I completely value everything you have put out there. Over the past year, you have helped me immensely on my path, you have inspired me beyond imagination, and your Spontaneous Transformation Technique has empowered me with tremendous strength and helped to assist me in cultivating inner divine guidance. I am forever grateful to you.”
~ Shelly
“I’ve been following you and did your healing exercise just a couple of times. I had a badly burned neck from a microwave accident and had a nasty, brown, weeping wound. Within 12 hours, the next day, my neck was completely… I mean completely healed. Not a sign of any scar... a miracle. I’d shown a friend who had seen the wound only 12 hours before and he was amazed. Thank you so much. Even my doctor was amazed......Truly grateful for your healing. Bless you."
~ Rosemary Saunders (UK)
Partner With Me to Truly Heal the Planet Person-by-Person...
I’m sure you’ve noticed that the planet appears to be in a state of dis-ease, divisiveness, and confusion more than ever.

While pain is felt by everyone at some point in time, some are forced to grapple with very deep challenges.

For some (maybe you), it's obesity, unsatisfied living, listlessness, depression, family and relationship problems, financial lack, illness and so much more that become roadblocks on the path to a happy and fulfilling life.

I believe, if you are reading these words, you are being called to a new level of service to address today's suffering.

Perhaps you're being awakened to be an even more profound healer and coach, delivering a new level of more potent yet easy-to-digest support to those in pain.

Those attracted to the STT Healing System or becoming an STT Practitioner often experience new and heightened conscious awarenesses that there is change coming.

THIS is that change, and this IS the healing approach that is most needed at this time in human evolution to cope, heal, and transform these current circumstances.

What is required is a new healing paradigm that is fearless, effective, non-threatening and REALLY, REALLY WORKS!

You have the chance right now to contribute deeply and show your clients the hope and healing awaiting them.
I’m Looking For Healers Who Want To Increase Their Income And Start Their Own Practice While Creating A Powerful "Greater Good" For All.
I’m looking for a few good men and women who can spread this potent Spontaneous Transformation healing system...

And show others that personal transformation is not only possible, it can also be instantaneous!

I need seekers like you to partner with me to heal the planet person-by-person.

I know you are someone who wants to make THE difference in the lives of those around you and the world as a whole... you wouldn't be on this page if you weren't.

With you sharing the Spontaneous Transformation Technique and receiving an income, in turn, all boats rise as you rebuild or expand your life and that of the souls you support.

With each person healed, our world gets one step closer to harmony, happiness, and peace.
Meet Jessica,
Founder, CEO
  • Keynote Speaker at Funnel Hacking Live, 2018
  • Forbes 40 Under 40 in Business & Marketing, 2018
  • Sold a company I ran for 7 years for $1.5b, 2018
  • Launched The Rocket Accelerator, 2017
  • Joined Russell Brunson's Inner Circle, 2017
  • Selected for the ClickFunnel's Design-A-Thon, 2017 
This is our Healing moment.
I have created these two programs so that, through you, I can help as many people as possible.

We are at a point in the evolution of the planet where souls like you are needed to support as many individuals as possible in healing and transforming.

We need an army of love and healing to open as many hearts as possible to achieve a new paradigm of transformation, kindness and compassion at this time.

And I want to start with YOU, and your friends and family... and, once your through the practitioner program, YOUR CLIENTS!

You have a chance to create a new life of vitality, love, health, and personal empowerment for yourself and those you love... and eventually your customers.

It's why these two courses are bundled together for you right here at the MOST ROCK-BOTTOM level of investment EVER.
Normally, the Self Healing Program (prerequisite to the Certification Course) would be $297.
AND, The STT Certified Practitioners Course would normally be $997!
I want to make sure just about any budget could dive into this.

So, you get to join me in this revolution to transform the world, starting with you and those you most love and cherish as well as those who are ready to pay you to heal quickly, with gentleness and grace...

And make a true difference for all.


AND REMEMBER... those who enroll for Option 2 (the bundled package) will receive a FREE, private, on-the-phone (or Skype) 30-minute turbo healing/ psychic/medium session with ME!! WOW!
Your Life is About to Change! You Ready?
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Choose Option 2 to receive a FREE private healing session with me!
REMEMBER... Free Private Healing Session For Option 2!
When you enroll for the Bundle - Option 2, you will receive a FREE, private, on-the-phone (or Skype) 30-minute turbo healing/ psychic/medium session with ME!!

That is an ADDITIONAL $500 retail value that is yours free when you enroll for the whole discounted package!

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