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James Van Praagh Episode 001 - 003:
Over These 21 days, You’ll Receive Specific Signs to Help You:
  • Create an abundant flow of miracles in your life.
  • ​Easily make the very best decisions.
  • ​Manifest wealth and prosperity as you do work you love.
  • ​Create the unconditionally loving soulmate relationship you desire.
  • ​Passionately fulfill your life purpose.
  • ​Deeply love and accept yourself.
  • ​Know that you’re always supported.
Experience James Van Praagh's Most Popular Program:
Signs From The Universe
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You'll Learn
  • Fun and enlightening techniques to get more signs—all to help you find your way.
  • ​How to really know what the signs are telling you. (No more guessing!)
  • ​Ways to activate your limitless potential to create your reality.
  • ​How to tell when something is really a sign—or wishful thinking.
  • ​How to tell when something is really a sign—or wishful thinking.
  • ​How to turn obstacles into opportunities.
  • ​How to track the signs you receive— and why this makes a huge difference.
For $99 OFF... Use The Coupon Code: Jenn99
More To Come!

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